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7 Unusual Succulents For Any Home

You know what the best advantage of owning your own home is? The amount you get to personalize it!

From DIYs like fresh paint to new moldings to overhauls like carwash style multi-jet showers and LED flooring (hey, it’s your house), the sky’s very much the limit…depending on your neighborhood’s zoning laws.

But as you’re settling in from first time home owning to first time home living, nothing brings in a pop of ‘This is mine now’ quite like little potted succulents…or at least it would if most of the options weren’t quite so, well. Dry.

And with the botanical pun quota filled for now, let’s take a step forward from the usual aloes and mini cacti to see what else the low-liquid plant world can offer your new place! Check these guys out, and warning ahead for gratuitous Latin!

Back in Black

Black rocker-worthy succulents

If you’re looking into how to put pyramid studs into a granite countertop, this one might be for you! Sinocrassula Yunnanensis is a dark dark DARK green that to the human eye is as good as black. Indulge your inner Alice Cooper and see if you can find an appropriately shock-rocking planter to go with!

The Green Rose of Texas

Naturally rose shaped succulents!

To hear any gardener tell it, growing roses can be as thorny an endeavor as the plants themselves! But when you combine the shape of every romantic’s favorite flower with the hardiness of a desert bloom, you get the Rose Succulent. You’ll have to TRY to wilt these guys, the love they give is meant to last.

Bowled Over

Several blooming bowl shaped succulents

That’s what everyone’s going to be looking at these stunners. No matter which way you look at them, Crassula Umbella, just don’t seem to make any sense. The deep cup-like leaves and the bright branching flowers will show off your dedication to the element of surprise!

The Chameleon

A brilliant red succulent

Pick a color…any color! Though some plants in the Echeveria family might look a little like your average aloe-vera, these guys are much more seriously into matching your home’s color scheme! Yellows, reds, purples, blues, and even tie-dye looking variants are available—so now that you can paint your home in any way you like (take THAT apartment living), you can rest assured, these classically shaped succulents are ready to pull a Sherwin Williams and fit right into any of your home’s hues.

A Little Bubbly

Transparent bubble-like succulents

If you’re a fan of glass, Sprite, blowing bubbles, or anything  to do with transparency, you’ll love these Haworthia Cooperi. You get all the fun of X-Ray vision with none of the responsibility that comes with super powers with these clustered cuties. And honestly? They just LOOK refreshing. Something to think about in the inevitable ‘Why is there a high of 85 in January?’ that the random weather of our beloved state will be sure to give us.

It’s Hip to Be Square

Square shaped succulents in their rocky habitat

Gentiana Urnula are mountain succulents with a mathematical approach to how they do leaves. If you love crisp lines, have a football field’s worth of painter’s tape on hand, and actually HAVE used geometry in your adult life, these boxy beauties will really tie your home to your heart!

Curly Cactus Cousins

Swirls are the only way to describe the leaves of this spiral succulent

“Is that a real plant?” Prepping you now, you’ll hear it a lot! Plants in the Trachyandra family are spiraled, swirly, and seemingly artificial, but these succulents are actually just good enough to be true! Keep the conversations going as you entertain, and keep yourself entertained as well!

Can you see any of these in your own new home? It’s just as easy to branch out with your mortgage options as it is with your indoor gardening. Take a look at what we can do for you to get your roots put down in some Texas soil you can soon call your own! Just like this plant punnery, you’ll always get more than you expected…

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