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4 Things to Check BEFORE your Fireworks!

It’s summer!


And not only is it summer, it’s the 4th of July, the day we recognize the transition of the USA from colony to independent country. And what could mark the anniversary of such an occasion better than a few pyrotechnics?

Other than the barbecue spread, of course.

But fireworks safety is is even more important than picking your sausage/rib/brisket ratio, believe it or not! And there are a few things you’ll need to be sure of before you head out with your Roman candles, Black Cat branded goodies, and so forth. Here’s a quick rundown.

What are the weather conditions?

Obviously we don’t mean ‘Is it rainy or clear?’  We hold those factors to be self evident. But if there’s been a drought in your area and everything’s windy and dry, you might want to hold off. The beauty in fireworks is that they fade quickly. Wildfires on the other hand…not so much.

Do you have the right set up?

No one told a certain 10-year-old that firing a bottle rocket with a too-short stick from Mom’s vase didn’t so much result in a fireworks display as it did in a broken vase. Similarly, no one told a certain twenty-something that a TNT style model in a too-short ceramic pot doesn’t so much shoot up as…out. Grabbing the right ‘works off the interstate before the rush is all well and good, but for a real send off, you want to make sure you’ve got sturdy ramps! Texas got that right with NASA. Now we can get it right in our own homes.

Are you in the right?

With great power comes great bureaucracy. And with a great new home comes new state, county, and neighborhood rules! While we all know the sun isn’t going anywhere until past 8, and that we love our neighbors and their fun in this great state, you might butt up against some ordinances that aren’t quite what you’re used to. Make sure to read read read the laws in your area as well as the terms of your HOA and plan your celebrations accordingly. We want the red white and blue in your driveway in flag form…not police car form.

Are you playing it safe?

Is the food covered up? Are all the small hands accounted for and monitored? Is the sweet tea refreshed and not watered down? These are all important factors with any backyard fun, but where there’s fireworks, or even just sparklers, you also want to make sure everyone knows where the exits, water, and any damp towels are just in case.

Protip for first time homebuyers—now that you’re out of the apartment renters game, you’ll need to purchase and keep tabs on your own fire extinguishers!

Your new home is an investment! And although we make it as easy as possible to secure your loans and get settled, homeowning isn’t anything to be taken for granted. Keep yourselves safe this holiday and make those memories good ones.

Happy 4th y’all!


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