Best Mortgage Companies in Texas

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or are a seasoned veteran, you’ve got so many choices when it comes to purchasing a house. Finding the best mortgage company to structure a loan for your individual lending needs can be a challenge. Should you work with a mortgage lender? A mortgage broker? Or should you use […]

Best Home Improvements to Add Value to Your Home

Many home improvement projects don’t add value to your home, especially in a down market. In fact, some improvements can even detract from the asking price when you decide to sell. On the other hand, some projects can add significant value to your home. So which home improvement projects should you invest in, and which […]

What’s the Difference Between Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval?

Unfortunately, without proper preparation, many buyers get lulled into the mistaken notion that if a lender pre-qualifies them for a mortgage, it means that they have been pre-approved for the home loan. There’s a world of difference between these two terms. If you’ve ever been confused by the two, this will explain how they differ, […]

Buying a House Without a Spouse

Getting married has several financial consequences; it can raise or lower your taxes. It can alter the types of retirement accounts you’re eligible for. It can affect your insurance rates. And yes, being married can also impact a mortgage. While there are many things to take into consideration when you purchase a home, you may […]

Home is Bought – Now What?

What’s better, renting or buying? There’s no universally correct answer to this question, but one option may be a much better choice for you. For some, homeownership was a no-brainer. Here are the top reasons to think about when buying a home, and how to determine whether or not you may be ready to buy […]

How Old Are Homes in the USA?

Most readers of own what are considered old homes (built in 1945 or earlier). They were polled about the age of the homes they live in—and nearly half of responders said they owned homes built between 1900 and 1945. About a third own homes built between 1800 and 1899. A small five percent owned […]

How Home Loans Work in Texas

If you’ve thought about buying a house in the Lone Star State, you’re not alone. It’s a great place to live! You might wonder how to get a mortgage in Texas, so we’ve put together a list of what you should know about Texas home loans. TDHCA (Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs) Texas […]

Summertime Fireplace Maintenance Tips

Summertime in Texas is a great time to do deep-down house and yard cleaning: gardening, cleaning windows, outdoor paint touch-ups, etc. This is the time of year to get your house, yard, and outbuildings checked out for any wintertime damage, have those things repaired, and get them looking their best. One item that you never […]

Owning a Home Pays at Tax Time

Buying a home is a big undertaking, but did you know that your new home purchase might help you enjoy a world of tax breaks? If you’re a new homeowner, you should know that there are several tax deductions available, some of which can put a fair amount of money back in your pocket. Here […]

Memorable Open House Ideas

You spruced up the curb appeal and decluttered the house, but a clean house alone is the bare minimum. You’ve used your social selling skills to mass-market across the internet, and the price is right. These are all vital first steps in getting a listing noticed, but hosting an open house is still a terrific […]