How to Survive Buying a House¶

Preparation¶ You’ll probably start entertaining the idea of looking for a home years before you’re totally financially prepared. It can be daunting, but it will give you a better idea of what you want, like a master suite, basement, or garage apartment. Using our online mortgage calculators, you’ll also be able to get a rough […]

Best Home Improvements to Add Value to Your Home

Many home improvement projects don’t add value to your home, especially in a down market. In fact, some improvements can even detract from the asking price when you decide to sell. On the other hand, some projects can add significant value to your home. So which home improvement projects should you invest in, and which […]

Top 10 Things You Should Do Before You Move in to Your New House

Moving into a new house is a busy time. But there are a few things that you should do right away to ensure your safety and peace of mind. There are the basic tasks needed to set up your move, including: Changing your address with the post office Arranging for your old utilities to be […]

Best Fishing Spots in Texas

Fishing is an integral part of most Texans’ lives, and now that summer is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to head out on the water and try to catch yourself a nice supper. Texas has countless places for excellent fishing, but here’s ten of what many consider the top fishing spots in the […]

Is Friday the 13th an Unlucky Day?

Friday has been considered unlucky since at least the 14th century, when Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales associated the date with bad fortune. And, an ancient Norse myth may be responsible for the bad rap the number 13 gets. According to the story, the 13th guest at a dinner party arranged for the blind god of […]

Freshen Up Your Home With Paint

Paint is one of the most abundant and most versatile tools anyone can have in their redecorating toolbox. It can make a dark dingy room suddenly seem light and airy or transform a cramped area into one that appears spacious and bright. While walls, of course, are your biggest canvas they don’t need to be […]

15 Top Summertime Lawn and Garden Tips

Summer heat creates a new set of tasks and challenges for your lawn and garden care. Take note of these 15 tips — and your outdoor spaces will thrive. You’ll have a lovely lawn and garden all summer that will be ready for the next phase of alterations in the fall. Summertime brings a spike […]

How to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

Moving into the summer months, you may have graduations and vacations in mind, even though the fun season is unfortunately, the hot season. It’s time to make the shift from keeping as much warmth in the house to keeping it all outside. Here are some suggestions and tips to follow, for keeping your home cool […]

The Best Swimming Holes in Texas

Texans get hit with sweltering heat that sets in around the time the calendar says June, so what do we do? Cool off in one of our many magnificent swimming holes, of course. Hamilton Pool Preserve (Dripping Springs) With the ancient limestone rocks surrounding the pool, the gorgeous jade green water, and the stunning waterfall […]

Best Eco-Friendly Wall Coverings

More than just a stylish appealing trend, sustainability is sought after in all phases of design from construction methods and materials to wall and floor coverings. As demand for these natural products grows, manufacturers and retailers have begun to offer options made from a variety of earth-friendly materials. Many designers have also stepped up to […]

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