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Pay Yourself: Buying a Home Is Now Cheaper than Renting

Rent or Buy?
Good news for potential first-time home buyers; it’s now more affordable to make a monthly mortgage payment than a rent payment. photo credit: Home Water Softener Reviews

When you purchase a home, you stop paying your landlord and start paying yourself – everyone’s heard that. Maybe you’ve had this old adage knocking around in your head for a while now, you’ve been saving for a down payment, and you’re considering making the leap into home ownership. In that case, you may be interested to find out it is now officially cheaper to own a home than to rent.

Texas-based media outlet, Culture Map, recently reported this shift, based on the findings of Zillow’s mid-2015 affordability study. According to the study, those making the U.S. median income can expect to pay 30% of their monthly income on rent, up from the 24%  renters were paying 15 or 20 years ago. In contrast, home owners will only be required to put about 15% of their monthly income into mortgage payments, down from 21%.

There are many contributing factors, but one big reason for the change is that mortgage rates keep dropping, reaching a new record low each week, it seems. Other reasons include the drop in housing prices during the last recession, and a failure to completely recover to pre-recession numbers. And finally, the median income is not increasing with the same acceleration as monthly rental figures.

This isn’t just a phase, either. Zillow’s report predicts that rents will continue to rise. And while mortgage payments could increase when mortgage rates turn back around, mortgage affordability is still expected to remain better than renting.

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