How to Get a First Time Buyer Home Loan in Texas

If you’re a first-time home buyer in Texas, you’re probably already overwhelmed just thinking about the whole process. There are so many steps you’ll have to do that it may feel like you’ll never get the keys to your dream home. We hope the advice in this article can help you better understand this aspect of the home buying process.

Don’t Worry So Much About the Down Payment

With rental vacancies at historic lows, and rental rates stronger than ever, many renters are considering becoming first-time homebuyers. However, some potential new homeowners may be held back by what they think they know, even if their preconceived ideas are incorrect. posted 7 Common Myths About Home Buying this week, and the number one […]

Unique Challenges Faced By Millennials Buying Homes

Millennials are the “it” demographic these days. Everyone is talking about them, now that they’re entering their 30’s and they’ve overtaken the Baby Boomers in numbers. Though the term “millennial” was coined nearly a quarter century ago to define the generation born after Gen X, it wasn’t used much until pretty recently. Now, the word […]