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Have a Successful Open House: 3 Tips You May Not Have Heard Before

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Tips to have a successful open house
This isn’t your run of the mill open house advice!

Selling a home? Chances are you have received plenty of advice, tips and tricks for making it more appealing to potential buyers during an open house. Bake cookies; paint the front door; remove personal photographs; open up all your blinds and curtains to give the place a light and airy feel. But here are some tips for holding a successful open house that you may not have thought of:

1. Invite the nosy neighbors

Everyone has that neighbor—you know the one. They can’t help but ask you what you paid for it as they are dropping off their welcome cookies and desperately trying to get a glimpse inside to see how it compares to their own home. During an open house, you can use their curiosity to your advantage, according to a post about open houses from Zillow. A nosy neighbor loves to gossip, so by going out of your way to invite them to the open house to see what you are offering, you could be activating a free word of mouth campaign about your house.

2. Paint your bathroom white

Celeste Perron for Realtor.com suggests this as one of her open house hacks. Perron points out that hotels do this to create a fresh, clean feeling. You don’t necessarily have to replace your cabinets or tile if they’re not already white. You could just decorate with fluffy white towels and shiny white accessories, such as a new soap dish.

3. Be sure to ask for feedback

Having an open house early on in the selling process can be a great way to find out if you have the house priced too high, or if there is some update potential buyers would really like to see. As Teresa Mears points out in a U.S. News and World Report article with advice on open houses, your agent should be collecting contact information from open-house goers. This is an excellent opportunity to ask them to jot down their impressions. If you find you are getting consistent feedback in one area, you’ll know where you stand in the eyes of potential buyers.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to bake some cookies and open your windows up too. Remember, If you’re selling your home, chances you are also a homebuyer. So, try to look at your home objectively and remember what you would want to see if you were going to an open house.

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